HAI Token Upgrade Announcement

HAI Chain (HAI) will carry out a technical upgrade on July 15th, Hong Kong time. At that time, ZGB, Bit-Z and other exchanges will be affected by this. Deposite and withdrawal will be suspended.

HAI is about to change the token to a new version with a circulation of 100,000,000 (100 million) for the first preparation of HAI’s main net,. After the upgrade is completed, the old token will be replaced with the new version. Users can wait for the exchanges auto update, or update manually according to the official operating instructions.

Deposite and withdrawal stopping time is Hong Kong time July 15, 2019. The time of re-open deposit and withdrawal is subject to the announcements of the Exchanges.

To the user who stores HAI in the wallet, after the official operating instructionsis announced, should send the original HAI token of your wallet to the new Dapp address, and then the contract address will be added to automatically convert the original HAI token into new version HAI token. The upgraded HAI cannot be shared with the old version, and the old HAI token which be transferred to the ZBG and Bit-Z will not be recovered.

After the HAI upgrade is completed, we will focus more on the development and governance of the blockchain and continue to explore the frontiers of the artificial intelligence blockchain.


恆智鏈(HAI)將於香港時間7月15日進行進行技術升級,屆時ZGB、Bit-Z 等交易所都將受此影響,暫停充提幣。